Why Our Tactile Colouring Books Are Great for Any Child

Give the gift of inclusion with our Tactile Colouring Books … Blind and sighted children alike will enjoy sharing their magic, together!

Who would think of giving a colouring book to a vision-impaired child? You would, clearly, that’s why you’re on our site, looking at our tactile colouring books.

You’ve already figured out that they’re a genius idea, but over and above the fact that you’re here and already looking at them, let me tell you a little more about these wonderful and unique products.

Why Tactile Colouring Books Are Great for Blind Children

  • Every child, if given the chance, seems to love to colour;
  • Our tactile colouring books promote inclusion;
  • Each colouring page is labelled in braille and raised print, so children can practise basic reading, too;
  • Often blind children don’t know what the image is on the page, never having seen an abstraction of an every-day object before. These books help them link known objects with their pictorial representations.
  • Blind kids can finally colour pictures which are intelligible to sighted teachers and parents!
  • Our tactile colouring books boost confidence;
  • They’re fun to touch;
  • They’re a great talking point with other children;
  • They are not only a cool way for blind children to have as good a toy as their sighted peers, but they’re a confidence-builder for sighted children as well;
  • They develop spatial concepts and open up the world of pictures, drawing and art to blind children.

I won’t get started on art, perspective, vanishing points … all for another time, but think of how mind-blowing it would be to discover what the world looks like to a sighted person, never having had the opportunity to know that; or the reverse, having the chance to touch these pictures and try to imagine how your blind child views the world; and why these tactile colouring books might change that perception in unexpected ways.

  • They teach us something about looking at the world through another person’s eyes or hands;
  • They cultivate imagination!

Think about crayons! Think about markers! Think about whether a blind child could draw an orange cow and a blue sheep in a barnyard as an act of self-determination … I say Self-determination!!!

Ten tactile outlines with raised print letter stencils make our tactile colouring books a marvellous activity for friends; an unexpected leisure activity as well as a brilliant teachable moment.

So often, blind children feel excluded from this quintessentially social activity. So often pictures are completely unintelligible to family members and friends, however proudly a drawing might be hung on the refrigerator door! Now not only can a blind child participate fully, but with an extra flourish.

These spectacular designer colouring books are not to be found in just every dollar store! Nor can it be said of any other colouring book that the pictures are reusable!

The tactile colouring books have proven to be surprisingly effective for children with attention or cognitive disorders. Tactile reinforcement serves as a reminder of the borders for each picture; and sometimes adds one little ingredient necessary to bring about a successful outcome. We all know how important it is to tailor individual learning needs to the student, but every little helps!

The tactile colouring books we sell are perfect for blind children, but children with full sight enjoy the satisfaction of drawing a nice, neat picture, too.

On The Farm

  • The cover is green with a picture of a tractor on it;
  • Page 1 shows a meadow with trees and a river running through it;
  • Page 2 shows a barn and a silo;
  • Page 3: the tractor again but this time you can draw it another colour!
  • Page 4: a horse;
  • Page 5: a cow;
  • Page 6: a pig;
  • Page 7 shows a rooster standing on a hay bail;
  • Page 8 shows a duck;
  • Page 9 shows a rabbit with a head of lettuce;
  • Page 10: an apple tree.

Favourite Toys

    The cover is pink with a beach ball and a teddy bear.
  • Page 1 shows a jack-in-the-box;
  • Page 2 has two balls, one with stars, the other with stripes;
  • Page 3 has the picture of a wagon;
  • Page 4: a drum with two drumsticks;
  • Page 5: a little girl’s doll ;
  • Page 6: a pyramid of wooden building-blocks etched with a variety of designs;
  • Page 7: a toy box with a doll in it;
  • Page 8: a dump truck;
  • Page 9: a teddy bear;

  • Page 10: a train with engine and cars.

Christmas Magic

  • The cover is red with a shining star;
  • Page 1 of course appropriately shows a star shining down on a little stable with a manger;
  • Page 2, portrait, shows a branch with two Christmas ornaments hanging from it;
  • Page 3: the portrait view of a Christmas tree with a star at the top, all decorated, with presents;
  • Page 4, landscape, is the picture of a fireplace with stocking hung on the mantle;
  • Page 5: a big candycane with a bow tied around it;
  • Page 6: holly berries;
  • Page 7: a decorated wreath;
  • Page 8: the portrait view of a snowman with tophat and scarf;
  • Page 9: the portrait view of Santa Claus;
  • Page 10: a big present with a bow.

Autumn Leaves

  • The cover is orange with maple and alder trees,
  • Page 1 is quite busy with bear trees, a jack-o-lantern and birds flying in V formation;
  • Page 2: A house with the moon rising above it and spooky Halloween decorations: a bat and a ghost;
  • Page 3: a rake, a pile of leaves and a flower pot with leaves collected in it;
  • Page 4 piles of leaves with a pumpkin and a butternut squash;
  • Page 5: a street lamp; two children: one dressed as a cat with a trick-or-treat bag, the other as a ghost; you can see the night sky in the upper corner of the page;
  • Page 6: a scarecrow by a fence with some birds in the sky;
  • Page 7 is full of vegethables, autumn plenty: peppers, a bucket of potatoes, corn with husks open, acorn squash and carrots;
  • Page 8: a turkey in all its spendour;
  • Page 9: an apple tree, a bucket of apples and more strewn on the ground;
  • Page 10: four pumpkins: a happy face, a sad face, a surprised confused face and a pumpkin not carved at all.

Winter Wonders

  • The cover is blue with three evergreen trees and a snowman;
  • Page 1 shows a lady sitting at her kitchen table with a mug of coffee, there is a picture on the wall and through the window-blinds partially drawn she can see snow falling;
  • Page 2: three children sitting at a table, having an inside day because it’s far too cold outside;
  • Page 3: a man getting ready to go down-hill skiing;
  • Page 4: a boy and girl tobogganing down a hill through the rees;
  • Page 5: a horse-drawn carriage with a big bag of gifts, in the moonlight;
  • Page 6: a house in the country with a trail winding down from its door to a mailbox, trees, a snowman and the view of rolling hills;
  • Page 7: a farm with a barn and silo and with an ice rink and someone playing hockey;
  • Page 8: a fireplace with a clock and plants on the mantle, a cat and dog lying near the hearth;
  • Page 9: a man and woman looking at their festive turkey dinner; you can see candles on the table and a nice painting on the wall;
  • Page 10: a little boy with a party hat and noise-makers; the clock in the top right corner of the picture shows almost midnight &#8230

School Days

  • The cover is blue with a notebook and pencil crayon;
  • Page 1 shows a big school bus;
  • Page 2: somebody’s backpack full of books;
  • Page 3: a picture of the school;
  • Page 4: a picture of a smiley-face, a desk and chair;
  • Page 5: a textbook or notebook;
  • Page 6: several open books on different subjects;
  • Page 7: a little ruler and some pencils;
  • Page 8: a box of crayons with one already out and lying beside the box;
  • Page 9: a computer with a monitor, a terminal underneath with a disk drive; and a keyboard underneath that;
  • Page 10: a typical cafeteria lunch before the healthy snacks policies came in: burger and drink.

Summer Sunshine

  • The cover is yellow with a sailboat and sun;
  • Page 1 shows an umbrella in the sand and a boy playing with a beach ball;
  • Page 2: a lady wearing a sunhat, doing her gardening with a wheelbarrow and plants;
  • Page 3: a house with a flagpole and flag, fireworks and obviously celebrating a national holiday;
  • Page 4: a little robin perched on a leafy tree branch enjoying a summer lunch al fresco;
  • Page 5: a sunny afternoon on the lake, a sailboat drifting lazily;
  • Page 6: a little boy in a boat, he’s about to catch his first fish;
  • Page 7: a duck pond and trees;
  • Page 8: there’s a little tent under the stars and a squirrel has come to investigate;
  • Page 9: a girl playing in the sand, with a shovel and bucket, she’s wearing a swimsuit and it’s a bright sunny day;
  • Page 10: a balcony with a lounge chair, sun umbrella and large potted plant.

Spring Is Here

  • The cover is green with flowers on it;
  • Page 1 shows a man working in his garden, with a wheelbarrow, some plants, birds in the sky and the sun shining;
  • Page 2: a little basket full of decorated Easter eggs;
  • Page 3: four different flowers;
  • Page 4: a little girl in rainboots, holding an umbrella, is sloshing through a puddle walking her dog;
  • Page 5: a little boy flying a kite on a windy day;
  • Page 6: a field of daisies and butterflies;
  • Page 7: a meadow with a stream running through it, down from the hills past two lambs grazing;
  • Page 8: perhaps a park with a little wooden bench, birds in a tree and a bicycle;
  • Page 9: a chicken coop, roosters, hens, eggs and chicks; and in the middle of it, a forlorn-looking cat;
  • Page 10: a house with a trail leading to a vegetable garden; the other half of the picture is rabbits!

Best Friends: (Kelly and Sam)

  • The cover is multicoloured and shows a pot of flowers. A little girl with a pony tail in a blue shirt and a little boy with sticky-up brown hair and red shorts are waving at each other.
  • Page 1 shows Sam decorating a snowman they have built;
  • Page 2: Kelly has given Sam a Valentine card, she gives him a kiss and he scrunches up his face;
  • Page 3: a harp, shamrocks, Sam is holding a four-leaf clover;
  • Page 4: Kelly is holding a dripping paintbrush, there is a basket of already-decorated eggs beside her and sunflowers growing;
  • Page 5: Kelly is watering the garden;
  • Page 6: Sam is all ready to go fishing on a sunny day;
  • Page 7: Sam is at the seaside, building a sand castle, there is a flag and even a starfish
  • Page 8: Kelly is running through the sprinkler and having a wonderful time;
  • Page 9: Kelly is sitting at her school desk, looking at the blackboard, she has a backpack and is holding a pencil;
  • Page 10: Kelly is dressed as a witch with a long nose and tall black hat, holding a trick-or-treat bag; there is a carved pumpkin at her feet and a ghost floating down on a string from the ceiling;
  • Page 11: Sam is raking leaves;
  • Page 12: Sam is decorating the Christmas tree, wearing a Santa Claus hat.

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