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For Universities and Higher Education

We understand that an educational environment involves special considerations: professors with diverse teaching subjects, a large public area, tight deadlines and budgetary restrictions.

Campus Maps

Keep in mind that a simple one-page map in print can require an entire booklet in braille, enabling your students and faculty to have a clear sense of campus roads and the locations of key buildings.


We know that professors do not always have exams or tests written well before the exam date, so if you require a quick turn-around, let us know and we can work towards meeting your deadline. We can produce documents within 48 hours to meet the needs of your students.


We can convert any and all languages to braille

Textbooks & Tactile Diagrams

From astronomy to Zoology, we can convert any textbook, including images & diagrams, to braille and tactile graphics.


Secure work is only undertaken by the owners or by employees of Tactile Vision Graphics Inc., who have signed confidentiality agreements to work with sensitive documents.

Documents can be double-sealed at the request of your institution, with a provision for authorized signature upon delivery.
No print version of exam or test documents accompanies any braille exam leaving our site, which adds an extra level of security in delivery.

Please contact our team with any questions at  (506) 375-8537


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