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For Municipalities and Government Departments

Government, whether at the federal level, provincial, and especially municipalities, more than any other corporations, are aware of the acute and divergent needs of your citizens. Residents with a vision impairment have particular accessibility needs; and we can help you meet those, in a value-added and timely manner.

Site Plans

You may not have received a request for one, but a braille map of the downtown core or shopping district would make that space come alive for residents of your city who would love to have a better idea which shops are where. everyone feels more empowered when they can run errands and contribute to the community. Vision-impaired citizens may not know you have this service available so they wouldn’t ask for it.

Informational Material

Does your tourist board make printed information available to visitors to your city? Let it be known that you have tourist information available in braille and you would also become known as a city that is inclusive to everyone.


Every city wants its residents to care about what’s happening at City Hall. It’s a straightforward request for us to prepare public meeting agendas; then everyone can follow along.


Do you have advisory committees comprising community stakeholders? What about employees who are vision impaired? We can produce reports with quick turn-around times and in the strictest confidence so all committee members have accurate information at the same time.

Remember, braille production is not like Google Translate. It takes more than a simple A to B conversion to render an intelligible braille document.
We will save you valuable time and resources by taking care of your braille and tactile documents, so you can get on with serving your citizens.

Please contact our team with any questions at (506) 375-8537


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