Product Sale for 4th of July and Other Notes

Product Sale for 4th of July, … 10% off our Map Book of the USA

Map of the USA

10% Product Sale for 4th of July

All next week, our Map book of the USA will be on sale on our website. It contains several maps:

  • A map of the 52 states, including Alaska and Puerto Rico;
  • The original 13 Colonies
  • Just the Northeastern states as they are so crowded on a regular map.
  • And a list of all states and capitals.

Braille Map of the USA on sale for 4th of July

Custom-design Feature

For years now, we’ve produced the Park Map and Guide for an amusement park.

This year we produced braille and large print versions.

The park also requested a braille copy of its Guest Assistance Guide. This will be kept at guest Services for visitors to refer to.

It is comprehensive, to say the least; with all manner of information for a visitor with any kind of special consideration: pregnancy to prosthetics, ASD to amputations; service dogs to aqua wheelchairs.

We have rarely encountered a company so thorough in its attention to accessibility.

Accessibility Tip

We all acknowledge that it is important to respect the dignity of persons with disabilities. But what does this mean on a practical level?

It means valuing every customer as deserving of high quality, timely service.

Persons with disabilities must not be treated as an afterthought or forced to accept lesser service, quality or convenience.

The delivery of goods and services must take into account how persons with disabilities can effectively access and use them.

“Reasonable accommodation” means “reasonable” for the customer.


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