Reinforce Academic and daily Living skills with our Tactile Math and Science Diagrams

We all understand that the academic curriculum is important. Whether we’re talking about the times tables, calculating an angle on a polygon, or labelling the Diagram of a skeleton, math and science are crucial to our education. They can also…

Fun Braille Resources that Applaud and Teach at the Same Time

Applaud your vision-impaired child’s effort with our tactile stickers … Now, learning is more multi-layered than ever before. Most people involved in Braille recognise that as a font, dots on white paper, Braille is not impressive to look at, not…

Product Sale This week: Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland Accessibility Tip: Consider the Height of your Counters

If you purchase the Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland from our website this week, it’s on sale! here. Purchase the Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland at

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