Fun Braille Resources that Applaud and Teach at the Same Time

Applaud your vision-impaired child’s effort with our tactile stickers …
Now, learning is more multi-layered than ever before.

Most people involved in Braille recognise that as a font, dots on white paper, Braille is not impressive to look at, not to the outside observer who knows nothing of BANA, UKAAF or ICEB guidelines. The goal of all the committees, sub-committees and volumes of reports is ultimately, one would hope, to bring literacy to those with a vision impairment. Beyond that, a goal in recent years is to bring a standardised Braille code into wider circulation.

However, before a child is at the point of needing to know whether material is in contracted, uncontracted or Nemeth Code, whether it is bolded, a sub-heading or boxed material, or whether it is a music score, that child is given a love of reading, of tactual exploration, of discovery. One way this can happen is through what is technically considered pre-Braille reading readiness, or simply as a way of rewarding achievement or encouraging progress. Our stickers, bookmarks and flash cards are a creative and unique way of doing this.

Our technique is the only tactile production method so far which permits tactile images in coloured ink to be imposed on coloured, standard off-the-shelf paper, thus producing a wide variety of fun colourful and tactile resources for kids.

Description of tactile stickers

Thirty, one-and-a-half inch round stickers, in black ink, on six background colours: orange, bright yellow, green, blue, red and pink. We can mix and match for you. Call us and ask.

This long list of sticker varieties gives a sense of the diversity tactile graphics can provide and may help spark ideas for further products:

  • Tactile Letter and Number Flash Cards
  • Set of 8 Braille Award Cards;
  • Set of 8 Braille Bookmarks;
  • Mixed Package of Raised Image Stickers;
  • Happy Face Stickers;
  • Star Stickers;
  • Heart Stickers;
  • Daisy Stickers;
  • Shamrock Stickers;
  • Bunny Stickers;
  • Musical Note Stickers;
  • Christmas Tree Stickers;
  • Maple Leaf Stickers;
  • Butterfly Stickers;
  • Seahorse Stickers;
  • Bee Stickers;
  • Hot-air Balloon Stickers;
  • Palm Tree Stickers;
  • Hammer Stickers;
  • Scissors Stickers;
  • Light Bulb Stickers;
  • Microphone Stickers;
  • Lightening Bolt Stickers;
  • Paint Brush Stickers;
  • Guitar Stickers;
  • Dinosaur Stickers;
  • Robot Stickers;
  • Compass Stickers;
  • Submarine Stickers;
  • Phoenix Stickers;
  • Mermaid Stickers;
  • Planet Earth Stickers;
  • Starfish Stickers;
  • Helicopter Stickers;
  • Catamaran Stickers;
  • Sailboat Stickers;
  • 12-pack Braille Educational stickers;

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