Product Sale This week: Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland Accessibility Tip: Consider the Height of your Counters

If you purchase the Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland from our website this week, it’s on sale! here. Purchase the Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland at

Product Sale: Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland

Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland, the cover shows the outline of the British Isles and two flags: the Union Jack and the flag of Eire

This atlas includes all five countries implied in its name: England, Scotland, both Irelands and Wales. It also contains a general map of the British Isles.

If you purchase The tactile atlas of the UK and Ireland from our website, it’s on sale from now till August 8.
Purchase the Tactile Atlas of the UK and Ireland at

Featured Friday Greeting Card: Birthday Hat

Braille and tactile greeting card Birthday Hat; cover reads Happy Birthday; with a picture of a festive hat decorated with ribbons, confetti and balloons; the inside text reads: Wishing you a day filled with smiles, laughter and love

On sale from our website: Braille and Tactile Greeting Card Birthday Hat

Custom Design Idea: City maps

Tactile Map Dublin City Centre East Side Shows from Cloniffe Road and Jones Road to Merrion road

We had a request several years ago for a map of Dublin. A vision-impaired woman was visiting there and really wanted a good map of the city centre so she would have an idea of where key streets and landmarks were, when she got there.

Braille being the size it is, it wasn’t just one map,–it had to be a booklet.

Careful thought must be given as to what to show and how to depict it: textures, an extensive key, or both?

The photo above gives some idea as to how we tackled the problem.

Accessibility Tip: Be aware of the Height of your Counters

Businesses are notorious for having extremely high and crowded counters, but with increasing accessibility legislation, giving some thought to how to make this prime piece of real estate accessible to all customers is a worthwhile use of resources.

It’s all very well to have a wheelchair ramp or an electric door opener, but if your customer cannot access the service desk, or the till, there’s a problem.

It may be possible to have a separate customer service desk, depending on space and shop configuration. More and more, portable payment options lessen the need for a till perched on a 4-foot-tall counter behind stacks of pamphlets or sale items.

The Built Environment seems to be the most challenging one for governments to come to concensus about, not only for what the standards should be, but how to enforce them.

Should these standards be for new buildings? And who should be excluded if retro-fitting?

All in all, accessibility is a matter of good will and community betterment.

This article was written with a home kitchen in mind, but some of these ideas may be helpful for business owners, as well.


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