Braille business Cards

Braille Business Cards embossed and as coloured braille labels

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy way to offer print and Braille business cards to your associates and clients?

There is! Tactile Vision Graphics can produce your business cards in:

  • Grade 1 (uncontracted), English Braille, literary, UEB and non-capitalised;
  • Grade 2, (contracted) literary and UEB;
  • Even in computer Braille if that’s what you want.!

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what that jargon means–just call 226-221-8849 and ask us!

Pricing is very reasonable at 50 cents a card, minimum of 200 cards.

We also offer attractive Braille business card labels, using coloured Braille on white, for the reverse side of a card. These are the same price as the embossed ones, 50 cents per card, minimum 200 cards.

Not sure what to include on your braille business card? We can help.

Email; Call/; or Contact us through our website

To purchase Braille Business cards, please visit Braille Business cards product page

and for a cool;, how-to article, have a look at This article on making a braille business card.

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