Downloadable Price List Effective January, 2016

To facilitate ordering from our catalogue, please find our downloadable price list in both accessible PDF and HTML formats.

The price list is divided into convenient categories to make browsing easier:

  • Raised-line Colouring Books;
  • Math Aids;
  • Geometry Aids;
  • Anatomical Diagrams;
  • Children’s Concept Development books;
  • Story books;
  • Curiosities, including our Famous Landmarks and Dinosaurs books;
  • Braille Calendars;
  • Business card options;
  • Over 150 greeting cards for all occasions in English and French;
  • Historical and contemporary maps;
  • And tactile resources for teaching, learning and fun

Be sure to ask us for details for personalised products.

Follow this link to download our price list in PDF format.

Follow this link to read our price list in HTML format.


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