Diane Farrell Discusses her Inspirational Writing, Painting and Music

Have you always been a poet? Tell me about it.

Diane Farrell: I casually began writing poetry as a young teenager with no real purpose other than to enjoy playing with words. As I moved into my later teens and early twenties it became much more serious and a way to express my feelings as I began to lose my sight. All of my sight was completely gone within a few years and my new way of life resulted in a new way of writing. Words and meanings became richer and deeper but always with a positive message or thought provoking conclusion.

What gave you the idea of having your inspiring poem about a Butterfly produced as a tactile book?

Diane Farrell: As I experienced more of life, words soon became lyrics as I began writing songs and composing original music. This became my outlet for a long time and a way to express my view of things. When it was suggested that I have one of my poems produced as a tactile book I thought it was a great idea. I re-worked one of my poems about spring, about change and the life of a butterfly to become more of a flowing story to both teach and reflect.

As the “Butterfly” book became successful, it inspired me to write 3 more stories.

What inspires you to write inspiring poetry?

Diane Farrell: ince one of my favourite things is to here children laughing, I chose to write a few humorous books. Adults seem to laugh right along too and I feel it’s so important to never let the child inside fade away. These books have been well received by “Tactile Vision Graphics” and are now in the process of being produced as tactile books as well. Check back often to see when they’re available.

It has been an interesting journey for me and I enjoy being creative.

Do you have other interests which energise you and that you would like to talk about?

Diane Farrell: I am currently involved with painting abstract art on canvas. Within the last 2 years I have successfully completed over 50 pieces of work. Some of them are displayed in my home but over half of them have been sold or given as gifts. You can view my paintings or read their descriptions on my blog. The address is: artabstractsbydianekfarrell.wordpress.com

Here you will also be able to listen to some of my music and read some of my words to ponder.

I feel my purpose in life is to inspire people to stay positive and carry on being the best they can be with honesty and integrity.

I hope I have touched your life in some way.

Note: Diane’s Braille and tactile book, Butterfly: A Poem is on sale from get the Butterfly Poem book from our website and also through Butterfly also available from Maxi-Aids at this page.

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