Best Friends

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Give the gift of inclusion with our Best Friends… Blind and sighted children alike will enjoy sharing its magic, together!

$24.00 CAD

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Give the gift of inclusion with our Best Friendscolouring book … Blind and sighted children alike will enjoy sharing its magic, together!

Who would think of giving a colouring book to a vision-impaired child? You would, clearly, that’s why you’re on our site, looking at Best Friends

You’ve already figured out that it’s a genius idea, but over and above the fact that you’re here and already looking at it, let me tell you a little more about these wonderful and unique products.

Description of Best Friends

  • The cover is multicoloured and shows a pot of flowers. A little girl with a pony tail in a blue shirt and a little boy with sticky-up brown hair and red shorts are waving at each other.
  • Page 1 shows Sam decorating a snowman they have built;
  • Page 2: Kelly has given Sam a Valentine card, she gives him a kiss and he scrunches up his face;
  • Page 3: a harp, shamrocks, Sam is holding a four-leaf clover;
  • Page 4: Kelly is holding a dripping paintbrush, there is a basket of already-decorated eggs beside her and sunflowers growing;
  • Page 5: Kelly is watering the garden;
  • Page 6: Sam is all ready to go fishing on a sunny day;
  • Page 7: Sam is at the seaside, building a sand castle, there is a flag and even a starfish
  • Page 8: Kelly is running through the sprinkler and having a wonderful time;
  • Page 9: Kelly is sitting at her school desk, looking at the blackboard, she has a backpack and is holding a pencil;
  • Page 10: Kelly is dressed as a witch with a long nose and tall black hat, holding a trick-or-treat bag; there is a carved pumpkin at her feet and a ghost floating down on a string from the ceiling;
  • Page 11: Sam is raking leaves;
  • Page 12: Sam is decorating the Christmas tree, wearing a Santa Claus hat.

Read more about our colouring books on our Tactile Colouring Books page

Ten tactile outlines with raised print letter stencils make our tactile colouring books a marvellous activity for friends; an unexpected leisure activity as well as a brilliant teachable moment.

The colouring books we sell are perfect for blind children, but children with full sight enjoy the satisfaction of drawing a nice, neat picture, too.

Purchase our Braille colouring books at Tactile Vision Graphics

and find them at our shop on Amazon.

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