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Give the gift of inclusion with our Bambi colouring book … Blind and sighted children alike will enjoy sharing its magic, together!

$20.00 CAD


Give the gift of inclusion with our Bambi colouring book, the second in our Disney series … Blind and sighted children alike will enjoy sharing its magic, together!

Who would think of giving a colouring book to a vision-impaired child? You would, clearly, that’s why you’re on our site, looking at Bambi

You’ve already figured out that it’s a genius idea, but over and above the fact that you’re here and already looking at it, let me tell you a little more about these wonderful and unique products.

Description of Bambi

Within the pages of this book, you will find pictures of Bambi, Faline, Thumper, Flower and more, along with a woodland maze and something we’re particularly excited about, a page of music braille. Just the thing for beginning music students, it gives you the melody in simple eighth- and quarter-notes as well as eight bars of a two-hand piano score with fingering, octave markings and intervals. Don’t worry, the print sheet music is on the facing page. Though Bambi and the rest are readily identifiable by their iconic Disney look, and the fact that this is one of the most beloved and familiar Disney stories keep in mind that most blind readers have never seen them portrayed in this way. Visual art is like a language and the more complex it is, the more teaching is involved. So don’t be surprised if the pictures strike you at first as much more complicated than the average two-dimensional drawings often prepared for blind readers. Dive in, explore and have fun!

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Ten tactile outlines with raised print letter stencils make our tactile colouring books a marvellous activity for friends; an unexpected leisure activity as well as a brilliant teachable moment.

The colouring books we sell are perfect for blind children, but children with full sight enjoy the satisfaction of drawing a nice, neat picture, too.

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