Graduation Boy

$8.50 CAD

A braille greeting card means so much. Send Graduation Boy&#8230: a unique card for a special person to mark an important occasion

$8.50 CAD


A braille greeting card means so much! Send Graduation Boy… a unique card for a special person to mark an important occasion

How many times have you scanned the card displays in your local shop and wondered why so few of the supposedly tactile cards they have are properly tactile, or why none of them seem to have an accompanying message … in Braille?

This card, Graduation Boycontains both raised print and Braille text, so the message is readable by anyone.

Read more about the unexpected benefits of tactile cards on our Braille and tactile greeting cards page.

This one, has the following basic characteristics:

Description of Graduation Boy

  • Cover image: A boy wearing a graduation cap with a tassel.
  • Cover text: Congratulations on your Graduation!
  • Inside text: Wishing you success and happiness in your future endeavors Text is in Braille and raised print.

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