Product Sale Tactile colouring Book Summer Sunshine, Custom Design Feature, and Considering Public transit

Product Sale Tactile Colouring Book Summer Sunshine

Tactile Colouring Book Summer Sunshine A Raised Line Colouring Book by Tactile Vision Graphics Inc featuring a sailboat in the sunshine on the cover

Read more about the benefits of books like our tactile colouring book Summer Sunshine on our Tactile Colouring Books page

Ten tactile outlines with raised print letter stencils make our tactile colouring book Summer Sunshine a marvellous activity for friends; an unexpected leisure activity as well as a brilliant teachable moment.

The colouring books we sell are perfect for blind children, but children with full sight enjoy the satisfaction of drawing a nice, neat picture, too.

Get A Raised Line Colouring Book Summer Sunshine here!

Custom Design Idea

If your agency has a sensory garden, we can provide a braille and tactile plan for it so that your vision-impaired clients can get a visual overview of the garden and move around it with intention. Here’s an example of one we did.

Sensory Garden map booklet with detailed walking route descriptions on other pages

Featured Friday Greeting Card

Find our Friday feature greeting card Birthday Smiley Balloons hereBraille and tactile greeting card Birthday smiley Balloons features three balloons with smiley faces, the text Happy Birthday on the cover in braille and raised print and a message inside which reads May this day bring you many surprises that make you smile

Accessibility Tip: Plan events on Public Transit Routes

It’s tempting to plan large events where there is good parking.

We in North America are often slaves to event locations with large parking-lots with easy access to the highway.

But is there a way we can plan our events by using shuttles, car pooling, taxi services and public transit?

With an aging population, more attention given to accessibility legislation and better mobility technology for persons with disabilities, it is to our credit if we can make alternate transportation considerations a priority when planning conferences and events.

We may have to get creative, depending on the event location, but it’s iportant, and mandated in many jurisdictions, that public-sector and private companies alike, provide transportation that is accessible.

Transportation is one of the five accessibility pillars of the AODA, … and every legislation includes it.